Posted by: el99 | July 26, 2008


o I`am Peter Stuyvesant.

o I have two friends, Benson and Hedges.

o I came from the city of Malrboro.

o In the Salem high country.

o I always carry a Mild Seven.

o I rode on a White Horse.

o Going to Kingsway to Kent.

o It was Lucky Strike I fell in love.

o With the daughters of Master Duke.

o Her name was YSL

o We got married by Perillys, the priest.

o We checked in the house of Dunhill.

o And booked into room number 555.

o I laid her on the bed made of Gold Leaf.

o I played with her two Matterhorns.

o When I poked in my Rothmans King Size.

o She cried in delights, ” You are a Rough Rider!!!”

o You are riding like a mad Camel.

o When I asked her if she is satisfied,

o She answered, “I want More!!!”


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