Posted by: el99 | July 27, 2008

Skinhead Girls

Feminine females standing by masculine males. Strong men, womanly women With the dramatic emergence of Skinheads, males who shave their heads and militantly fight the hippy lifestyle, came, of course, the girl-friends and wives who supported their men. The question immediately arose, could — or should — a female be a “Skinhead”? And, the follow-up quickly was, “Should a female dress, act, look or fight like a Skinhead?” Skinhead pioneer Corkey Bowman was quick with the answer, “Males be masculine, females be feminine.” That meant short hair for boys, long hair for girls. Jeans for guys, skirts for gals. Since Skinheads widely became known as “hooligans,” a title they took with honor, Skinheads would show up with shirts emblazoned with the word Hooligan. Eventually, females would be seen with shirts proclaiming Hooligirl…

Of course, being a Skinhead is rough and dangerous work, defending turf, pushing back opponents and marching for the cause. Being a citizen-soldier or modern-day Minuteman is not a co-ed operation. Most Skinhead girls, as they came to be known, realized their role and dutifully provided the support and sustenance Skinheads needed, at critical times.

Some females, however, began to try to be more “Skinhead” in appearance. Sometimes calling themselves Skinbyrds, they would cut their hair short, don boots and, even, call themselves “Skinheads.” The image was inappropriate, however, in that unwittingly some females were taking on the appearance of the very lesbians and mannish-women who Skinheads so ardently put down. Newcomers, especially, tended to become confused, when they would come across girls dressed up as “Skinheads” over the Internet. Amelia Flower, for example, asked, “I want to get into being a Skinhead girl. And do you take girls?” Hippy elements began to propagandize that females were “not welcome” as “Skinheads”, beckoning females to join the ranks of Communists and anarchists who maintained minuscule but annoying websites known as RASH or SHARP, which depicted females and males, Negroes and whites, as “Skinheads.” Beautiful, feminine and attractive

Skinheads usually laugh off Red attempts to smear, twist or malign them. Sharon Hutchinson even wondered aloud how any Skinhead could “imitate those so much lower and more animalistic than themselves.” The term Skinhead Girl, of course, can be a misnomer. If it means a girl who works with Skinheads, advances the Skinhead cause and stands by her man, then the term is probably correct. But, if it is used to describe a female who feigns being a Skinhead, herself, it is not a proper usage of the term. So, Skinheads launched an educational campaign of their own depicting girls who are part of the Skinhead cause and who sometimes call themselves “Skinhead Girls,” but who are beautiful, feminine and attractive. They published articles by Skinhead Girls, such as Sherri Graef, stating plainly that “girls should not fight,” but that combat is left solely to men, unless in extreme circumstances of self-defense. Lindsey Oldnag pointed out that she has the “Skinhead Spirit,” inside, but, on the outside, resembles any other, nice-looking woman. Some even recited from the Bible that “it is a shame for a man to have long hair, but it is a glory for a woman.”

Lacy Cox put it this way. “I can’t seem to locate a lot of local Skinheads, but I keep in

contact with Skins in other places, who are nice to know. I had a man approach me and ask if I was a Skinhead. I had no clue how to answer. I’d like Skins to recognize me, but I’m not sure of the appropriate dress or words for it.” Keith White seems to have the answer. And Skinhead Girl is fine with him. He, also, uses what he calls Skinbirds, sometimes written Skinbyrds or just Byrds, in telling how females are part of his life and cause. Keith explains that Skinbyrds interact with him and other Skinheads by wearing Skinhead insignia and supporting Skinheads, rather than by cutting their hair or donning boots. There have been attempts by Hollywood to corrupt the Skinhead image by depicting Skinhead Girls as whores or prostitutes and Skinheads as drug-abusers or low-lifes. All such propaganda has failed, however, as the wholesome Skinhead image, protecting womanhood, nationhood and mankind, continues to advance.


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